Wes Coas of Styles Davis
“Jen’s appreciation for musicianship really helps to bring the artist’s vision out in marketing, she really understands it more than about genre, it’s about an individual.”

- Wes Coas of “Styles Davis”

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Abby Gough
“Jen the Music Maven is awesome! Had a great time doing a promo video with her for Renee King and the Honky Tonk Queens at Wire Road Studios in Houston.  Thanks Jen!”

- Abby Gough

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Bobbie Emerson Rebak
“Jen, I love what you’re doing! Local artists need you!!! I don’t know where Renee King found you, but I’m really glad she did. I definitely have friends who need Jen the Music Maven, myself included. I’m looking forward to working with you!”

- Bobbie Emerson Rebak

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Renee King
“Awesome stuff! Jen the Music Maven is by far one of the best professional friends that a performer or musician could have in their tool kit! She not only got the job done, but exceeded my expectations by exposing Renee King & The Honky Tonk Queens to markets I could’ve never reached alone. Jennifer has an ability to arouse the magical components of the music industry, and with the flick of a button or two she can turn any project into a mass media concert and get you the recognition and notoriety you deserve!

Why would I want to do this myself, when Jen the Music Maven is the pro! In a matter of weeks, she has produced so much activity for Renee King & the Honky Tonk Queens
that I am breathless with excitement and anticipation of what comes next.  One thing for sure, I will want Jennifer Field Hawkins to go the distance with me wherever I go because now she is an integral part of the team and I know from first hand experience that I can’t do it without her!!”

- Renee King & The Honky Tonk Queens

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The Richards
“Thanks so much to Jen for an amazing promotion! She provided the right kind of buzz for our tasty jams!”

- The Richards

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Kenny Kouches
“Thanks to Jen, Scotties Lounge is off to a great start! I couldn’t have done it without her inventive branding, marketing, merchandising, promotion, and event planning for our AWESOME Grand Opening! Thanks, Jen!”

    - Kenny Kouches, Owner of Scotties Lounge

Christie Chaffin
I needed a unique web marketing approach and Jen provided it. Thank you Jen! I love my new website:!”

    - Christie Chaffin,

Peter Flood
“Hiring Jen as a market consultant was like hiring the Angel of Creativity to add intelligence and originality to my ‘Salome‘ (dance-theater) film project.”

    - Peter Flood, Story Analyst for Walt Disney Studios, Miramax, National Geographic Films and Universal Pictures for the 2012 summer movie ‘Battleship‘.

Clare Fields
“The best thing about using Jen is that she covers every angle. She leaves no stone unturned, and what a blessing and relief that is! She steers your project in the direction it needs to go to be profitable. Lots of people will have ideas about what you should do, but Jen hammers it out with a sharp market awareness and tough business sense while simultaneously enhancing all of the creative aspects.That is the combination I was looking for and Jen exceeded my expectations.”

    - Clare Fields, Actress, Acting Coach, Writer, Dancer, Singer