Houston Rapper, Wes Coas, Releases “Styles Davis”

Recently I attended a listening party for Houston rapper Wes Coas at Music World Studio in Houston, TX. “Styles Davis” is his 4th solo album release and in my opinion, his best to date. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, I went to the party without any expectations. Even if my expectations were unusually high, I wouldn’t have been disappointed in this excellently produced EP with lush beats and an introspective view of Wes Coas‘ challenges, and triumphs. What a pleasure to participate – thanks Wes Coas.

Houston has produced a myriad of rap artists. In the current decade Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Houston the “Rap Capitol of the World.” In any ‘Capitol’ there are numerous like-minded folk, and Houston has certainly been guilty of creating too many artists (of all genres) that are indistinguishable from their peers. Not so with Wes Coas, “Styles Davis” release.While the word ‘fresh’ made be over-used today, there’s a good reason for it, there’s a lack of ‘fresh’ material out there and music lovers are constantly searching for something new…something that isn’t stale. “Styles Davis” is fresh…and lush. The beats in ‘If You Knew (the Agenda) are comprised of trumpets, french horns, strings, sitar, baritone sax, triangle and more. If that sounds interesting – take a listen because it is. This track takes me somewhere, the range and texture in the beats fully explores the musical space around Wes’ vocals producing a very effective contrast.

Wes Coas shares the spotlight with vocalist Ju-Ju in the breezy “Celebrate” another favorite track of mine:

Another excellently produced track is “Murderer.” Wes Coas‘ straight-forward no BS vocals are delivered against a background of stark, spaghetti-western guitar beats that expand throughout the piece to deliver a range of tone that underscores his hard-hitting message.

I recommend a trip to Wes Coas website to check out the rest of “Styles Davis”. Let us know what you think, drop some comments – we want to hear from you.

I can’t leave this blog without calling very special attention to Wes Coas’ manager O. Washington. ‘O’ is the consummate networker, marketer, nose to the grindstone kind of manager that gets things done. He’s also one of the few that get it right when it comes to social media (my expertise). He covers all the bases and he’s learned one one obvious trick that others continue to ignore (which is beyond my comprehension as a social networker): the simple concept of email! Wes Coas and other artists of FMG (Flycat Music Group) are always on my radar because O puts them there…in my inbox. I know every release, event, blog post,, etc. about every artist on the FMG label and I never have to search. FMG keeps me updated and that, my friends, is just one of the very important rules about ‘net’working: don’t make us search for you – you gotta come to us. O knows it, and gets it.

You can hear/buy “Styles Davis” here.
You can also find Wes Coas on FMG website
And here
And Facebook.

Jen the Music Maven, Wes Coas, Cy Jackson, O. Washington at Music World Studio, Houston, TX

You can catch Wes Coas and other FMG artists !LIVE! at the FMG Summer Jam in San Marcos, TX.

Credits from the “Styles Davis” project go to:

Executive Produced by G.Rose
Assoc. Produced by O. Washington and G.Edison
Production: 7th Letter , Bass Heavy, Epik, Flawless
Additional Vocals: The Frontman, Bass Heavy, Sasha
All songs recorded and mixed by Bass Heavy @ Mission Control Studios. Katy, TX
Mastered by: www.SoundsRightMastering.com
Artwork: 7th Letter
A&R: International O
Photography: El-Shamesh Photography


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