Hazy Ray: A Bluesy, Jazzy, Mess of Soul

Hazy Ray has been called “A bluesy, jazzy mess of soul,” “whiskey sex” and lead singer Josh Summey’s favorite, “garage jazz.” I’m grateful  someone described New Orleans/Texas based Hazy Ray’s music so I don’t have to. The numerous influences and styles that make up Hazy Ray’s unique sound make it challenging to describe them succinctly; but their work is unmistakable and easily distinguished from their plethora of influences.

The five members of Hazy Ray (Josh Summey: lead vocals/guitar, Patrick Michael Hays II: trombone/vocals, Mitch Curtis: double bass/vocals, Ryan Normohamed: lead guitar, and Willie McCullen: drums), were gigging in Houston recently and taking care of business with producer/engineer/manager Mike Tristan of Wire Road Studios. Fortunately, I caught their performance at Avant Garden in Houston, TX. Their energy on stage is  unconstrained; when Hazy Ray is in the house – it’s going to be funHazy Ray is currently on tour in Texas, Louisiana (where 3 members reside), Alabama and Nashville, TN. They make their way back to Texas frequently – if you missed them this time ’round, follow Hazy Ray for updates about concert tours, CD releases, and all things Hazy Ray.

I joined them (with producer/engineer/manager, Mike Tristan) the following morning at Wire Road Studios to lay down some some promotional tracks. An epic recording session of 18 songs in 4 hours: don’t try this at home kids, recommended for professionals only. Afterwards they sat down with me for an interview and later that same day – tore it up at Phoenicia in downtown Houston. Hazy Ray is on a mission I know they’ll accomplish: success. They’ve got the right mix of talent, business savvy, determination and my favorite quality: humor.

Patrick Michael Hays II, Mitch Curtis and executive assistant, Dario Scalco in the kitchen at Wire Road.

Check out Hazy Ray’s day at Wire Road Studios interview viddy. Credit to : Willie McCullen and Mike Tristan. Please note Willie’s (drums) skillful rhythms and I-am-the-click timing. My position in the control room didn’t allow for much visual focus on Willie, but he deserves recognition…he is solid. I have to specially acknowledge the bobbing head, with a beard reflected in the control room glass…that’s Mike Tristan, Hazy Rays‘ manager/producer/engineer. Mike’s an integral part of Hazy Ray, and a great example of why managers and artists should be friends first. Trust and support are reciprocal components of the artist/manager relationship and these guys give each other plenty of both…and it’s for real.

Ryan Noormohamed and Willie McCullen at Wire Road.
 Ryan Noormohamed gets a grip.

Mitch Curtis and Hazy Ray listen back in the control room at Wire Road.
Josh Summey
    Ryan Normohamed

    Top to bottom: Willie, Mitch, Ryan, Michael, Josh.
    Ok – I confess. I asked them to pose totem style…they were reluctant but in Hazy Ray fashion: they had fun with it!
    Mike Tristan (producer/engineer/manager).

    Interview Video and recording session with Hazy Ray at Wire Road Studios.
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    Hazy Ray’s Upcoming Shows:
    Friday, August 3rd - The Judge’s Vinegarroon BBQ (1805 Church Street, 7-10pm) – Nashville
    Saturday, August 4th - The Judge’s Vinegarroon BBQ (1805 Church Street, 8-10pm) - Nashville
    Monday, August 6th - Roosters BBQ (123 12th Ave N, 9-10pm) - Nashville
    *Writer’s Round with Joshua Ray from Hazy Ray
    Wednesday, August 8th - Taps (2117 Belcourt Ave, 8-8:45pm) - Nashville