Phy Tur Records on the Rise! Larry Barrett and Ken Banks Make a Positive Difference!

Larry Barrett, founder and CEO of Phy Tur Records, LLC is a great example of why I love teaching. When I call role at the beginning of each semester, I never know what to expect; there’s only one guarantee: I will  have interesting and talented students, and if I’m really lucky..they’ll be as talented as singer/songwriter/producer and local music businessman: Larry Barrett.
Terry Banks: drummer, Ken Banks: keys, Larry Barrett: singer/songwriter and CEO of Phy Tur Records

By the time I met Larry; he’d already experienced many incarnations of his eventful musical career. Larry cut his professional teeth as member of the Barrett Brothers Entertainment group in Chicago, IL., has been heard over 172 national broadcast radio stations, managed the engineering branch of the Barrett Brothers Group, and opened for such notables as Marvin Gaye and Mighty Clouds of Joy.

Larry’s latest gift to the musical community is a collaboration between himself and Mr. Ken Banks, keyboard extraordinaire in Houston, TX. Ken Banks has joined the artists at Phy Tur Records, LLC and performs with Larry who provides the sure-to-put-a-smile-on-you-face soul, and R&B inspired covers and originals.

I love being a music maven for all sorts of reasons. When I cover an artist, venue or performance, I’m always in for a good time. Catching Larry Barrett and Ken Banks’ performance at the monthly meeting of The Red Hat Society in Houston, TX was especially fun! This high-spirited crowd is known for its monthly get-togethers centered around the companionship and sisterhood of all members; these ladies don’t know the meaning of the word boredom! Phy Tur Records provided the perfect entertainment for this group; Ken’s lively keyboard improvisations and showmanship keeps your lips curled and your toes tapping! Larry provided the soulful vocals that every woman loves. I had a great time with Phy Tur Records and can’t wait to hear Larry Barrett and Ken Banksagain soon!

All the Ladies of The Red Hat Society Wear Red Hats!
It’s like an indoor Mardi Gras!

The Red Hat Society Loves a Good Time…
and Larry Barrett and Ken Banks of Phy Tur Records know how to provide it!
You Can Find Phy Tur Records on Their Website, YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter!


One thought on “Phy Tur Records on the Rise! Larry Barrett and Ken Banks Make a Positive Difference!

  1. This was wonderful entertainment for the Red Hat Ladies attending “Boots and Bling”. As you can see they really got into the music. Great job Phyt4Life Entertainment.

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