Artist Know Thyself!

Success starts with…you. Who are you, as an artist? This sounds like an amazingly simple question, but unless you’ve been in biz for a while, you’d be amazed by the head scratching and brain racking this question creates. My music business students can vouch for me on this one: this is one of the toughest assignments they have all year…defining themselves as an artist.
Artistic Success 101: The good news: the web makes it possible for anyone to get their product seen and heard. The not so good news: there’s a genuine lack of unique material and in order to stand out in today’s uber-competitive market, you must be unique. The best news: Everyone is unique in some way! Let’s define your unique contributions as an artist and get you started on the fast-track to success. Socrates would be so proud!
We’ll use Jackee as our example. Jackee is setting her goals as an artist. In order to define her career goal, she must define her career path, in order to define her path, she must define who she is an artist. She will begin by asking:
The Top 3 Questions That Identify Your Artistic Self:
1.      What do you enjoy the most? It’s not up for debate…we’re motivated to do the things we love.  Jackee is lead vocalist for an R&B group, Lush-Us. She composes the majority of the groups’ material and she leads arrangement sessions with other members to create a collective sound that is representative of the entire group. Jackee’s a team player..she’s not a soloist.  So far, Jackee is: a lead vocalist, composer, arranger.
2.      What are your strongpoints? Music is a multi-faceted industry; artists can possess such diverse skills as: live performance (let’s face it…some people suck at it), record production, engineering, composition, arrangement, mastering various instruments, etc. Do you enjoy live performances the most or are you more comfortable in the studio, laying one track at a time, developing a sound that comes from a mastery of the studio recording environment in all its digital glory? Or both? It’s certainly possible to be an audience loving gearhead J Jackee excels in the studio environment, fine tuning her compositions/arrangements before final mixdown – she’s digs being co-producer for Lush-Us. But her real love is the stage. Lush-Us has built a strong reputation as crowd pleasers, and their live shows are almost always sell outs. Their high energy and audience interaction keeps the audience interested and involved throughout an entire show. Now we can add: Live performer and (co)producer to her list.
3.      What do you get when you combine 1 and 2? In this scenario we have a lead vocalist, composer/arranger/ producer who loves to perform live. Jackee’s loves and strongpoints define her unique capabilities and will guide her career path. She will establish goals that are very different from a solo artist who loves electronica and whose sole desire is hole up in the studio for months on end and couldn’t work up an audience unless their seats were wired electrically.
Next I’ll show you how to implement your newly defined self into your career goals. I think you can see how defining yourself is critical when defining your career path. A dynamo live performer will be branded and marketed very differently from a solo harp player…get the picture? Defining yourself is where the BIG picture begins.
Because this crucial step involves so many variables, you may find it more difficult than expected and want to consult with me before you proceed to the next step. Click on the services (tab)  page (or email me) to sign up for a 1 hour consultation – you’ll be off to a great start!

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