FUN AT MEISA 8X10 Music, Film and Video Conference – Houston, TX 2011


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Enjoy Pics from the MEISA (Music Entertainment Industry Student Association) Conference and Showcase – write up of guests and events to follow soon! In the meantime – enjoy the FUN via Picasa!
Barry Coffing and Yobo Omo

Krystal Blacklock and Jen!

SuperStar Panel: Barry Coffing, Madalyn Sklar, John Fetto, Richard Glasser



Last time we talked about talent. Today we’ll define it – you’ll see that everyone possesses it. Talent is an innate quality that flourishes according to its development.

Talent: natural abilities or qualities. It seems every description of talent includes the word ‘natural’: talent is a ‘natural’ ability. I feel that people have associated the word ‘natural’ erroneously when it comes to talent – they believe that someone is either magically talented, or not and of not bestowed upon them at birth, talent is unattainable…not true…look closer at the word natural. Natural is generally accepted to mean: if something is natural, it’s in compliance with nature; therefore, if talent is a natural ability and natural is to be in compliance with nature, then it is the nature of all beings to possess talent.

Yes, it seems that some are naturally gifted or show an unusual ability in certain areas, but I would like to challenge that assumption. Name one person that you think is ‘naturally’ talented and possesses skills and knowledge that you think you never could simply because you’ve thought they were more ‘talented’ than you. I challenge you to take a closer look at that person’s background, their influences, and the development of their talent.

Let’s use Mozart for example…no one would disagree that Mozart was talented, but was it a gift…bestowed arbitrarily in unnatural abundance or was it a learned skill thrust upon him at a very early age by an ambitious father? True, Mozart could have rejected music later in life, but he continued to embrace it… but would Mozart be the accomplished, world famous composer that he became if not for his father’s tireless instruction at an early age? Would Mozart, at some point in his life become attracted to music and taken it upon himself to develop his talents at the same pace and depth that he was guided to by his father’s insistence? It’s a question we’ll never have the answer to, but one thing is for certain: Mozart’s development of the natural talent that we all possess was a direct result of his exposure to and development of the knowledge of music. How can anyone write a great song when they possess little or no knowledge about writing music?

Mozart receiving music instruction in
early childhood.

We all gravitate toward songs we like and we like them for particular reasons even though we can’t always articulate what those reasons are…but those reasons exist in the music…the key, the rhythm, the harmony, the tonality, the tempo, the sentiment, the mood…it’s all definable when you begin to break down the elements that make up the songs we love.

Anyone can write a great song – maybe it takes a little more knowledge or exposure than what you currently possess – or a different listening perspective than what you’re currently utilizing, but the skills necessary to write a great song are within easy reach, especially when you know where to look for them!

Next week, I’ll begin to give some examples of how to listen to your music from a different vantage point and begin to identify what works and what doesn’t.

I’m here to help and consult with – email me your music – I’ll listen and during a consultation, I’ll give you meaningful feedback and instructions on how to make your work more marketable and maintain your artistic integrity. Last week, a client and I remixed his beats during a skype session – it opened up his mix, made it ‘bigger’ and upon my directive he separated particular tones in the high end to make them more distinct from one another. We created a bigger, fuller, sharper mix in less than 15 minutes. And we had fun doing it!

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Was Elvis Right?

Elvis Presley once said:

“I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.”

Was he right? Elvis Presley was one of the world’s greatest entertainers but it is doubtful that he ever wrote a single song. Maybe Elvis was right…maybe it wasn’t necessary to ‘know anything about music’ to achieve success as a singer in his day…but the music industry has changed drastically since then. The emergence of singer/songwriters changed the industry forever. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and other notables that enhanced the musical landscape in the 60′s defined the singer/songwriter as the new musical icon. “Artists” are now expected to write (most, if not all) their own material. Record labels and publishers seek talented individuals or groups that are accomplished composers and performers, no matter what genre.

Let’s throw something else in the mix that defines today’s music scene…the web. The web (and some nifty file compression/conversion techniques) have made it possible for anyone to compete in today’s music market. Singer/songwriters have never had more opportunity…or more competition. Although singer/songwriters are in high demand and labels (indie or major) seek unique material, unique material is not making it into mainstream radio…what’s missing? Talent? I say “No!”  We are surrounded with talented, creative artists with an unprecedented passion for music…but the musical knowledge required to create a ‘hit’ is sadly lacking in a market over-loaded with novices.

New artists are eager to get their musical messages heard by new audiences; they may not take the time to develop the musical skills necessary to create a memorable, unique product. Does it take years of musical traning, lessons, money and sacrifice to develop musical ‘talent’? Again, I say “No!” 

It takes surprisingly little to develop natural talent and uncover hidden talent…everyone has it…you gotta find it! My goal is to help musicians distinguish themselves in today’s ultra-competitive music world. In addition to services offered through; I’ll be providing you with regular updates, instructionals and super-useful tips about developing a unique sound.

In my next installation, I’ll begin to unravel the mystery of ‘talent’ and tell you why developing a unique sound is possible…for everyone.

I welcome all feedback – glad you’re here – see you again soon!

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